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Friendly reminder this show was filmed in front of a live studio audience in one take.

And that all sitcom laugh tracks are taken from this show because the laughter was so sincere.

friendly reminder that this show was fuckin awesome

And most of the people who were recorded laughing are dead now. When you hear people laughing in sitcoms today, it’s the recorded laughter of dead people.

Well that escalated quickly






i feel bad for twins that aren’t equally attractive

this was me and my twin prom night image

thank you for the text post

another year, another disappointment  


Why are you wearing the same clothes??

I haven’t moved in a year

There was peace with the Jewish people before the ‘State of Israel’ (apparently..)






  • 1660 Destruction of Safed - Near destruction of the Jewish community
  • 1834 Safed Pogrom - Killing and raping of Jews and destruction of homes and synagogues
  • 1838 Safed Pogrom - Druze and Arab rebels spent three days attacking Jews and plundering their homes and synagogues
  • 1929 Safed Pogrom - Arab massacre of Jewish residents 
  • 1929 Palestine riots - 133 Jewish people killed and 339 injured
  • 1929 Hebron Massacre - Arab mobs attacked the Jewish quarter raping and killing men, women and children. Around 68 Jews were killed, another 58 wounded. Some were tortured and mutilated.
  • 1929 Jerusalem riots - Massacre of the Jewish people and burning of villages
  • Hebron Yeshiva Massacre - Rabbi Slonim refused to hand over the students to the Arab mob, resulting in them killing him on the spot. Many were mutilated.  67 Jews were murdered. (Note: The Jewish people  in the massacre were never able to return to their homes)
  •  Safed Massacre 1929 - Arab mob attacked the Jewish ghetto of Safed killing 18 and wounding 80.
  • 1929 - Boycott on Jewish-owned businesses after the riots

Just a casual reminder:

Anti-Semitism existed in the Muslim world, and it was damaging and horrific.

Yes, Europe was worse. That doesn’t mean oppression didn’t occur anywhere else. So those of you who go around pretending your culture has no dirt, that your history is free of bloodstains —

—think again.

I occasionally see request for “receipts” for the assertion that anyone other than white people have historically engaged in, or presently engage in, anti-Semitism.  Here are some.

Disclaimer that past injustices do not merit present ones. Disclaimer that this reblog is neither support nor condemnation for any particular state in any way. Statement that I am thoroughly annoyed I feel the need to make such a stupid disclaimer before antisemitism is taken seriously.

the events listed above are only the ones that took place in the israel-palestine region. there were and are others taking place outside that area.




My dream is to direct the following ludicrous production of Shakespeare’s “Cymbeline.” (If you’re not familiar with Cymbeline, you might wanna google it— it’s possibly his most ridiculous show, which is saying something.)

So, the show starts with Shakespeare sitting drunkenly in a bar, chatting up a barmaid about the show that he’s BS-ing for some upcoming deadline. She’s super into him. (This is the opening scene of the play where characters spit ridiculous amounts of exposition and backstory.) The characters in the play enter when he mentions them, and are clearly using costumes and using props re-purposed from other productions— Iachimo is “definitely not Iago,” the Queen is “totally not Lady Macbeth,” etc. A crazy mish-mash of styles and time periods. The actors do the play so incredibly ‘over-the-top earnest and sincere’ that it’s hilarious.

Shakespeare himself frequently starts and stops the play, changing things, removing or adding characters, props, and details. They freeze while he engineers every possible deus ex machina, such as freezing the actors, swapping fake poison for real poison, and restarting, and he plays minor plot-device characters like Cornelius and Jupiter. He also gets most of the ‘straigh-to-the audience’ one-liners. All of his lines are uttered like he’s making them up as they go along.

By the end of the show, Shakespeare becomes aware of how absurd the thing he’s created is, comes up with a speedy resolution, gets upset, throws the play in the trash, all the actors exit. The Barmaid picks the manuscript out of the trash, considers it, puts it in her pocket and exits.

That is the only excuse I will accept for the existence of this play, hahaa.

While I am not actually familiar with Cymbeline, this sounds ridiculously intriguing!

Please read it. Trust me. Actual stage direction from the play: “"Jupiter descends in thunder and lightning, sitting upon an eagle: he throws a thunderbolt."  Yes, the God Jupiter. 




Game Of Thrones gets auto-tuned and it’s goddamned delightful.

I am fucking jumping up and down and nearly crying this is so cool

hoooooooooooly shiiiiiiiiiiit

No, the whole point of a superhero with a secret identity is the dichotomy. Clark Kent shouldn’t be sexy or buff, he should be a nebbishy dork; Bruce Wayne’s public face shouldn’t be grim and foreboding, he should be a spoiled, dissolute playboy. The recent Superman and Batman film franchises have both suffered for forgetting this.

And the whole point of the Hulk is that Bruce Banner isn’t a scary, seething cauldron of rage, at least not most of the time. The transformation into the Hulk only has any power if it comes out of nowhere, if that big green rage monster emerges from the last man in the world you’d expect to raise a hand in anger to anyone.

The ideal Bruce Banner is a cuddly teddy bear, likable in a wussy kind of way. An adorkable loser. Totally harmless…until the moment when he isn’t. And there’s no better actor to portray such a character than scruffy hipster heartthrob Mark Ruffalo.

Arthur Chu, “Model Minority Rage” in The Daily Beast

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Imagine drunk Ravenclaws trying to invent things

"No but imagine a machine that makes your toast or maybe waffles warm and crispy!" "There already is something like that, it’s called a toaster and some muggle invented it I think?" "Seriously?? Wow..okay but imagine animals bringing letters and stuff! No wait..we already have that too dammit.."

Ravenclaws trying to invent things that already exist in the muggle world oh my gosh